Superjews will be screening a couple of times in the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam Nov, 2013. Check the schedule and the discription in the IDFA Catalogue.



I became intrigued by the ‘Superjews’ already a long time ago. In fact, my first encounter with the Superjews - this is the nickname of certain Ajax supporters - happened in the first month, after having moved from Tel Aviv to Amsterdam.

I was 22. I was accepted at the Rietveld Art Academy and moved to Amsterdam. When I left my beloved Tel Aviv, my dad told me to be careful: ‘Not everywhere people like Jews,’ he said. ‘Put away your Davidstar necklace, so that you will not be recognized as a Jew immediately. You never know who supports you – or doesn’t.’

Not even a week in town, I found myself in a tram, going from the Stadionplein in Zuid towards the centre, full of loud, young and sweaty people. Many of them were bold headed. Skinheads? They appeared to be Ajax supporters. Some of them were waving with Israeli flags, some had a David star stitched on their coat or, even, tattooed on their arm. I could not believe my eyes. ‘Jeeeeews, Jeeeeews / Jooooden, Jooooden’,  they screamed. ‘Who are these people?’, was my first thought. They were chanting all kinds of songs which I never heard of. And then all of a sudden I heard them sing: ‘Hava Nagila Hava…’.  They only sang the first  few words, about the rest of the song they had no idea. ‘Hava Nagila Hava’ is an old, classic Israeli folk song. I was amazed, I did not know how to react. ‘Superjews’, they called themselves. Who are these people? Certainly not Jews. What were they doing with my flag and my Davidstar? I left the tram – intimidated, scared.

I was appalled and intrigued in the same time. I had many questions, that basically also reflected on my own Jewish identity. Why have these supporters taken – or borrowed – my identity? Why my flag? Why my songs? What do these Superjews have to do with me?

This documentary explores the concept of identity, the use of symbols, and what it means to be Jewish or feel Jewish in the Netherlands and in Amsterdam in particular. 

World Premiere at IDFA
24th November 2013
Tuschinksi Amsterdam

Where is Israel

The exhibition ‘Where is Israel?’ in the Israeli Center for Digital Art in Hullon, is a colloboration between Malkit Shoshan and Nirit Peled. This work tells the stories of Israeli presence and interest all over the world through the medium of maps and portraits. The idea of ‘territorium’ as a means of connection has come to end in these times of globalisation. For this exhibition Nirit made a series of portraits (text and still photogrpahy), about Israelis who live in Amsterdam.

Momumentary, raising an olympian (2012)

Content development and short doc. Client: Wieden + Kennedy

Short documentary about the mother of the British Paula Radcliffe, one of the most successful long-distance runners ever – however still without an Olympic medal. This Momumentary is part of a worldwide campaign by the American company P&G, one of the main partners of the Olympic Games.

Yes and No / Ja en Nee

In opdracht van Donorstichting.

Reclamespot voor Nederlandse televisie. Opgenomen in Hensbroek, met de burgemeester van Hensbroek.

Water Stories

Interview. Client: BKB

These visionary talks were made for the Deltaprogramma Ijsselmeergebied. These videos and portraits (photography) focus on the Dutch battle against water, the climate change and the future of the Netherlands. With among others former politician and writer Jan Terlouw.

Client: BKB

I Can / IkKan

Short docs. Client: BKB

These short docs about youth employment were made for the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. Part of a campaign called ‘I Can’ which encourages employers to work more with youth.